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Attic Insulation

At FixMyRoof, not only do we fix your roof and gutters, repair and replace flat and normal roofs, but we will also make sure your Attic is well insulated as well! 

We use Earthwool as our choice of insulation for the Attic, as we find it the very best, most environmently friendly and safe to handle, unlike so many other materials.

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I would highly recommend Colin  and Liam for their efficient and professional work during these challenging times.I had a problem with Attic condensation which they resolved quickly and  at the same  time  replaced my old attic insulation. Great  job.  guys.

Many Thanks 
Margaret Moynihan

By Margaret Moynihan, Dublin


What are the best types of Attic Insulation

There are many different types of Attic Insulation material, from Rockwool, Fibreglass wool and Earthwool, through to Foam Board or Rigid Board. So depending on your type of attic it will depend on the type of material you will choose. The range of "Wools" are the most common as they are more flexible aside from Rockwool, which is more similar to tye Foam Boards.

When it comes down to EarthWool or Fibreglass, we ALWAYS choose Earthwool, aside from its amazing insulation properties, it is also environmentally friendly. For this reason because it is also eco-friendly, and sustainable, Earthwool of all the flexible infill options is the very best.

What is Earthwool Insulation

Earthwool Insulation is one of the most softest types of infill used in insulation. Also it has a very low density of approximately 20kg/m3. This also makes it very light. Unlike Rockwool and Fibreglass, Earthwool doesn't need any special handling or protective clothing as Earthwool has been specifically designed to be much easier to handle and made to be itch-free.

Earthwool is made of over 80% recycled glass and a sustainable bio-based binder which makes it incredibly flexible but also safe to handle. It also shares the same nonflammable and thermal performance as Fibreglass and Rockwool.


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